2017 Proxy Season Summary Charts

So far, we’ve analyzed 4147 proxy statements and annual filings in 2017.

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What are Median CEO Pay Levels?

CEO market pay levels scale with company size. Below is a calculation of median total pay among companies at various sizes of annual revenue.

CEO Total Pay vs. Company Annual Revenue


How has Pay Moved in the Last Year?

The interactive chart below illustrates the distribution of pay increases and decreases among executives. Click on a legend entry to show or hide data. For CEOs in the Russell 3000, the median increase in pay is 5.3%; for CFOs, 5.0%, and for other named executives, 3.5%.

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What are the Elements of Pay?

Of all the dollars paid to named executive officers last year, roughly 60% were in the form of equity. The two charts below depict pay mix for all executives in the Russell 3000. Equity mix is slightly higher for the dollar-weighted chart on the left, which gives greater emphasis to large awards and to the most highly paid executives.