The Work We Do

Does the structure of compensation have any correlation with long-term stock performance? How many companies pay above the median of their respective peer groups? Is there a pay premium on CFOs in the biotechnology industry? How often do bonus plans pay out below target?

As an executive compensation consultant, I heard these kinds of questions from directors and business leaders across the country. Whether it’s understanding the common pitfalls in pay design or rethinking reward structures to align with a new business strategy, the answers to these questions matter. I started CompArchive so that I could better answer them.

Our approach to data is straightforward, clean, and precise.

We aggregate the information reported in proxy statements, annual reports, and ownership filings for the market as a whole.
We update our databases constantly, and we support live data links to populate your spreadsheets with new competitive information automatically.
We provide the tools and software you need to slice, organize, and transform large data sets into a defensible pay philosophy and set of compensation decisions.
We keep our operations lean to ensure that a comprehensive pay picture for the broader market remains affordable for everyone.

Better data.  Where you need it.  With less guess work.

Simple, right?  Let’s get started.

Rylan Grady,