Executive Compensation and Ownership Data Solutions

We provide executive compensation and ownership data through downloadable reports, database subscriptions and bulk plaintext downloads.

Our tools and software have been designed to help you quickly interpret and visualize competitive pay information. Our databases are updated in real time as SEC filings are released. We also provide data in the form of bulk spreadsheet downloads, starting at $5 per company per year. Our Excel Add-in allows you to quickly pull compensation data and compile reports without leaving your spreadsheet. Connect to our servers or host a mirror of our databases on your local network for lightning fast query times.

Executive Pay Benchmarking Reports
Our benchmarking reports are downloadable as excel spreadsheets and feature interactive charts illustrating pay levels, pay vehicles, incentive plan threshold, target, and maximum award levels, vesting schedules and incentive pay mix data for all named executive officers. Raw, unformatted data is available in the excel file’s rightmost tabs. Select a client company and compare to peer percentiles in pay for CEO, CFO and other executive positions.

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Raw Data Downloads
We maintain up-to-date databases based on disclosures in SEC filings. We can provide custom data cuts or queries based on company size, industry, financial performance, and more. For more information or to request a quote, please contact info@comparchive.com.

List of Data Services

Executive Pay Levels: Salary, discretionary and structured incentive cash compensation, restricted stock, performance-based stock, stock options, pensions and executive perquisites.
Pay Design: Threshold, target, and maximum compensation levels for cash and equity incentive plans, vesting schedules, and stock option Black-Scholes values.
Equity Ownership and Insider Trading: Equity sales and purchases, option exercises and current equity holdings.
Executive Transitions and Turnover: Identify prevalent pay practices in times of executive transition, corporate acquisitions and spin-offs.
Compensation Peer Groups: Identify disclosed compensation peer comparator groups.
Director Pay Levels: Cash and equity award values for corporate directors.
Custom Data Collection: Our team has experience optimizing human and machine data collection tasks for precision and efficiency. We’d love to assist you with your data project.

Try our Excel Add-in

With our add-in, you can retrieve data from our servers by using Excel formulas. Try entering =sct(IBM,2014,cfo,salary) into a cell below to retrieve the 2014 salary for IBM’s CFO.

Formula Structure:


For demonstration purposes, we’ve limited this database to salary, name and title as disclosed in 2015 filings.